Hi, I'm Lucy Escobar

I am on a mission to help you achieve your full potential and take your career to the next level.

I always knew I wanted to be part of the business segment since I was young. This led me to begin my career at one of the top five banks in the nation. I retired from the banking industry after 20 years and pursued my passion for business coaching and consulting. I opened up my firm and began working with top-performing leaders to help them achieve clarity and create a path to the vision they envisioned. I successfully build rapport with clients and am known as an enthusiastic result maven that has a collaborative style when coaching. I have worked with various corporations, not-for-profit, entrepreneurs, and government offices around the world.

As I coach, I engage with individuals who are seeking to maximize their leadership skills, interpersonal skills, and desire to build effective teams, and champion profit throughout the organization.

Using a unique 360 Leadership assessment, I help leaders discover and clarify areas for development, encourage leader self-discovery, professional development, and hold leaders accountable for results.






  • Notary Public for State of Oregon- Identification Card 950737.

  • The John Maxwell Team- Certified Business Coach.

  • The John Maxwell Team- Certified leadership-human development coach and public speaking in Federal Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS- Cedula 531998.

  • Grant Cardone -Sales Training.

  • The Maxwell DISC Method- Behavior analysis consultant.

  • YOUTH MAX by The John Maxwell Team- Certification of empowerment juvenil.

  • H&R Block- federal tax preparer certification.

  • Legacy Training and Development- Certification of business strategy.

My Values

The qualities that characterize me as a person, but that also define my work team and that I look for in every collaboration I do with clients and contracting companies. I believe in the value of words, commitment, honesty and proactivity as the basis of a successful working relationship.






My greatest satisfaction is knowing that you have achieved your personal and business goals. My accompaniment seeks to strengthen you and find opportunities to boost you.


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