Authentic leadership – 5 tips on how to successfully run your business

Leadership is a widely discussed topic these days. It is the ability of an individual or a group of individuals to influence and guide followers or other members of an organization. The ever-changing economy and the advancing digitization and globalization drastically shape how we view businesses and employment, and modern leaders must adapt. Becoming a leader has never been more attractive, especially for young people looking for ways to actively shape their future and career. However, many need to learn skills to face new challenges and learn how to actually care about others. In this article, I will summarize the 5 most important values and characteristics of a leader and how you could successfully run your business.

1.  Self-awareness

Good leaders are always self-aware, which means they have a healthy, highly functional internal validation system. They understand how their behaviors, words, and actions can influence others. They do not take criticism to heart; instead, they value feedback from others and always try to learn from it. They try to place themselves in other people’s, especially their employees’ shoes, and see their perspectives and learn more about their personal needs and goals. Reflection can be complex for some people, but it is essential for leaders. Self-awareness also means that a particular leader adopts a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset. They know that perception is different for every individual, and they can really understand the motivation of others.

2.  Ability to connect with people

Great leaders can connect with others on a deep level. This allows them to create successful collaborations. Networking, building, and nurturing relations are vital in today’s inter-connected world, and it has become the primary currency of many successful businesses.

3.  Agility and adaptability

Agility simply means someone can move quickly and easily in situations, but it also refers to the thinking process. Great leaders must respond to concerns swiftly and effectively, as time can be crucial in changing environments. They know that they shouldn’t dwell too much on decision-making, and they can adapt to unexpected problems easily together with a team. They can improvise, and they’re open to change and new challenges.

4.   Having a clear vision and being able to communicate it

Successful leaders can create a transformative vision, and they must also be able to communicate it clearly and with ease. They do it with a lot of passion, as they genuinely believe in what their businesses are doing. They are responsible for setting priorities and communicating the top level of the business value structure, education, service, creating a product, or making content. Their communication must be consistent, authentic, and transparent to the employees and towards clients and business partners.

5.  Ability to innovate

Great leaders improve organizational performance through innovation. They encourage the application of creative thinking, creating a fruitful space for that. Therefore, developing the capability to envision, foster, and apply innovation is fundamental to leadership today, and it is the main characteristic of those who are successful and prospering.

Which characteristic do you think you should focus on the most to improve your business?